From our valley, to your table!

Who we are?


The valley fruit is a family business that was born in 1992, thanks to the strategic union of the best fruit producers in the department of Valle del Cauca, in order to offer fruit pulp to the different regions, as a healthy, nutritious option for Friendly and environmentally friendly customers. During our trajectory we created strategic contacts with fruit producers in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia and Venezuela; Which ensures us great quantity of products throughout the year given our topography and our wide variety of thermal floors. Through these alliances we have been able to obtain the best of each country to take it to the table of each of our customers, assuming a total commitment to nature, offering a product free of transgenic elements, pesticides, or artificial pro-carcinogenic elements that affect health And the integrity of our customers.


Thanks to this we have the xxxx certification in Colombia, securing sales spaces in countries such as the United States, Spain, France, Colombia and now in the Russian Federation; This thanks to our great commitment and excellence in each and every one of the processes that we perform, since we monitor the process of planting of each of the fruit varieties, their harvest, transportation to our plant, washing processes, pulping, freezing And cold chain from our base in Cali Colombia, to the door of your house, which ensures that you can try the most exotic, fresh and natural of Latin America in your kitchen.


This gives us the opportunity to create a unique experience for each of our clients which translates into more commitment to our excellence and in turn has assured us to enter the main hotel chains in Colombia, theme parks and universities.




The valley is projected into the future as the first choice of pulp consumption for juices, desserts, natural beverages and cocktails made from natural fruit pulp, gourmet type for the citizens of Moscow and St. Petersburg.


In the future we aspire to be a friendly, reliable, natural and careful option for the Russian consumer, taking care of every sporting, social and home environment through our wide variety of products and its indisputable quality and warmth in the service. It seeks to expand our market to impact, promote and revolutionize the concept and consumption of tropical fruits as an option for healthy living in Eastern Europe.




We are a company located in Colombia, in the department of Valle Del Cauca, in its capital Cali; Which after extensive selection processes, produces gourmet fruit natural pulp, which seeks to enter the Russian market in a revolutionary way to make the best of Latin American products known in a refined and natural way at the table of each household Muscovite.